The Voice UK

I am obsessed with E! news, it takes over my Sky+ and I have the biggest girl crush on Catt Sadler. So thanks to daily watching due to unemployment last year, I discovered The Voice, America’s talent show where it is all about, you guessed it, the voice! If you haven’t seen it (where have you been?) hopefuls take to the stage and sing their hearts out, hoping for one of the judges to turn their chair around (judges can’t see the singers at first as this is a talent show not based on appearance). It proved such a success in the States that the BBC fixed up and bought the rights to make an English version, YAY!!

I think The Voice is amazing, it’s refreshing to have really good singers on a show and not ones that are there just because they provide good entertainment (Jedward anyone?). Taking on the judging role for us is the legend that is Tom Jones, Jessie J, and Danny O’Donoghue. An interesting mix, personally I don’t see why is a judge. Yes he writes good tunes and knows the right people but he’s a bit too friendly with auto-tune for my liking. I wonder if he even knows how to do an inflection or trill. Danny (The Script) has had many people talking wondering why he was chosen. I think he’s a good choice, he has a beautiful voice and has written some of my favourite songs. I have every faith that he will turn people’s opinions around once the show starts.

I will most certainly be watching when it comes to our TV screens March 24. It has a lot of hype to live up too and I do hope it doesn’t disappoint.

Take a look at the official advert below.


The Brit Awards Red Carpet 2012

Lana Del Rey looking very demure in Vivienne Westwood.

Florence Welch. Not her biggest fan but there is something very haunting and beautiful about this dress. It is Alexander McQueen so I would expect nothing less!

Beautiful Givenchy Haute Couture by Riccardo Tisci dress for Rihanna. I'd remove the gloves though.

I think Jessie J looks stunning in this picture, the dress by Falguni & Shane is a brave choice, but the whole look works.

Tinie Tempah, one of the best dressed men to come out of London.

Nice to see Ed Sheeran out of his hoodies and T-shirts.

Nothing original or amazing about Lisa Snowden's Herve Leger dress but my God she's 40!! AMAZING!