Sarah Young- Moombahton Queen

I first discovered Sarah Young by accident. I was reading some blog and through numerous links I stumbled upon her website. I liked the layout and the things she was talking about; fashion, music, art and some random entries. She seemed to be doing all the things I wanted to do, she was the DJ for fashion parties in New York, styled artists I was obsessed with and seemed generally really cool.

Fast forward a year and I was interning for her. I was shocked when I discovered her age, she was a few years younger than me. I admit a hint of jealousy came over me as she was so ahead in her career and I was just starting mine.

Of course she had to be really nice, I had hoped she would be a bitch so I’d feel better, but no, she was just as cool as I’d thought. She had just started a weekly radio show online at Nasty Fm playing everything from bashment and dancehall to dubstep and kuduro. This is where she introduced me to moombahton and immediately I was hooked!

If you haven’t heard of it before (where have you been?!) I shall explain. It was Dave Nada who introduced this new genre of music. He had taken reggaeton and Dutch house and geared it down to 108 BPM’s and moombahton was born. It is now gaining popularity and Sarah Young is at the forefront of the hype, including it in her sets and being a general spokeswoman for the genre.

She recently teamed up with WESC to release her first ever (free) CD entitled ‘Sarah Young- Moombahton Queen’ and I have to say it is excellent. There are cameos from the man himself Dave Nada and my favourite Lady Chann. She has done an incredible job of showcasing moombahton so if you haven’t heard it before, this would be a very good introduction for you. They proved very popular and sold out, but luckily Sarah was kind enough to release an online download (also free).

2012 looks set to be a huge year for Sarah Young. Her EP ‘I am Sarah Young’ is out March 29 with Adidas.

Check her out at and download her excellent moombahton mix.


Make sure you check out her show every Friday 6-8pm on Nasty FM.


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