Ozwald Boateng ‘A Man’s Story’

So like I said in my previous post, I had the honour of meeting Ozwald Boateng; one of Britain’s most influential and successful fashion designers of the past two decades.

He is in the middle of promoting his documentary film ‘A Man’s Story’ which spans over a 12 year period starting in 1998. It documents his journey through the fashion world from being recruited as the new creative director of menswear for Givenchy, to moving his business back to Savile Row. It also shows intimate parts of his life as he struggles to balance life and work.

We met in the Soho Hotel, at first I did feel like Julia Roberts in ‘Pretty Woman’ minus the hooker boots. Everyone looked very professional in suits and structured dresses. I was wearing a biker jacket and chunky boots, only relaxing when I spotted Asher D and his entourage having a meeting.

As usual things were running behind schedule and I was made to wait in the corridor whilst he finished up with a journalist. When I entered the room I was greeted by the director of the film Varon Bonicos (who has 20 years of experience in the film and TV industry,) he was full of smiles and very chatty. Ozwald was sat in the corner looking suave in an immaculate suit of his creation (as you’d expect) waiting for a diet coke. He too was very chatty and oozed confidence, he really is a very strikingly handsome man.

As I listened to him speak, I noticed how incredibly open he was. He did not shy away from questions about his divorce (the breakdown of his 2nd marriage to former model Gyunel is clear to see in the film) he was very honest and had such grace about him. He said that when people watch the film, there is always one part they will focus on more as it will relate to an aspect of their life. If they then watch it back, there is at least 50% more film they will see. When asked if he had a favourite person to dress he said he didn’t look at it that way, instead he thinks of it as helping someone be there most confident because they feel good in his clothes.

Having dressed the likes of Richard Branson, Daniel Day-Lewis, Keanu Reeves and Ray Winstone, Ozwald Boateng has come a long way since he opened his first studio in Portobello Road back in 1991.

‘A Man’s Story’ opens in the UK on 9 March and has a DVD release of 19 March.IMG-20120222-00108.jpg

Take a look at the preview below.


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