Manolo Blahnik at Liberty London

Wednesday 22nd February marked a very special day for me; I had the pleasure and privilege to meet two of the worlds greatest contributors to fashion. The first was Ozwald Boateng, but let’s leave him for another post (it’s fair to say he deserves one all to himself.) The second was the world-famous shoe designer Manolo Blahnik. He was in store signing copies of his books and shoes from his exquisite collection that Liberty London are proud to be housing, which opened on February 13th.

As posted on the Liberty London website “I am very excited to be selling my collection at Liberty. I love the store; it has so much character and history. I adore the Liberty Art Fabrics and I use some in every collection.” Manolo Blahnik

Even though I had to queue for around three hours, it went incredibly quickly, despite the freezing cold weather conditions. At one point I was interviewed by Liberty TV so that passed the time nicely (once the footage is up,depending on how terrible it is, I may share it with you.)

Once inside there was mass confusion about what could actually be signed. Many people could only afford a few books, yet were being told he was only signing shoes. After several complaints it was luckily made clear he would be signing books also (cue a mass sigh of relief.)

Finally it was my turn and I was greeted by the biggest smile from the man himself. He looked very dapper in his grey suit and trademark bow-tie, he has a childlike quality about him which I found very endearing. I expected him to be tired from all the signing he had already done, but he was energetic and full of apologies for keeping me waiting, an absolute gent! He was very complimentary and told me about his swollen cheek (due to an issue with a tooth) and posed for countless photos.

I left feeling very elated as it was so refreshing to meet someone I admired, who turned out to be more than I expected. So many times I have been disappointed because someone turned out to be an absolute prick, luckily Blahnik was not one of them.

IMG_2588.jpgIMG_1777.jpg  The talented Mr Blahnik and myself

Below are some of my favourites from his collection at Liberty.

Manolo Blahnik at Liberty London

Called Stimola, this is my favourite pair. The colour is so rich and I adore the heel; made of six vertically stacked balls it is spectacular!

Manolo Blahnik at Liberty London

The Hangisi, which became extremely popular after it featured in the first 'Sex And The City' film is now part of the permanent collection and comes in black, silver and red satin, coquettish blue and white polka dot print linen and an exclusive Liberty print.

Manolo Blahnik at Liberty London

The Vitrubiun- they look much better in the flesh and I just love how much the red pops against the off white shoe.

If you get the chance I would suggest taking a trip to Liberty and having a look for yourself at the collection.


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